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Online psychology, psychotherapist, and counselling services

Julian is a psychologist in Melbourne. He provides online psychotherapy to adults (18+) experiencing psychological difficulty.

Approach to online and telehealth psychotherapy

Julian launched online services in response to the covid-19 restrictions and the shortage of psychologists in rural areas. Due to popular demand, he decided to continue this service. Whilst both in person and remote therapy are available, patient’s are required to commit to one medium or the other. Clients may begin remotely, and move to in person. However, under these circumstances, once a client shifts to in person, they cannot go back to remote therapy. Client’s attending face to face psychotherapy sessions, can attend remotely if they are recovering from covid-19.

How does Julian facilitate online and telehealth psychotherapy?

Julian uses Coviu for online therapy. Patients don’t need to install any software. They are provided a link to a webpage where the video session is conducted before the session begins. Coviu was developed by CSIRO using state of the art security technologies. You can be confident that your data will be secure when consulting with Julian via Coviu.

In addition to online psychotherapy, Julian offers psychotherapy via telephone. This method is used only where video is not possible for the patient.

Payment may be completed after the session via bank transfer. Julian will send an invoice to the patient containing information required to make payment.